Yeshiva Gedola Beer Hatorah

         Yeshiva Gedolah Be’er Hatorah is a Bais Medrash level Yeshiva, located in Lakewood, NJ with students from across the country. For more than a decade Harav Avrohom Grubner and his dedicated Hanhala have been successfully producing outstanding students, excelling in Torah, yiraas shomayim and midos tovos. The high expectations of excellence from the Rebbeim, serve as a strong motivation for the talmidim to continue striving in their learning and avodas Hashem.  Our Hanhalah strongly believes in the hidden greatness of each talmid and strives to bring it out. 

         To ensure that every talmid succeeds in his learning the Yeshiva provides extra Rebbeim and yugerleit in the Bais Medrash. The atmosphere of the Yeshiva is extremely warm and accepting, allowing our talmidim to experience the joy of learning Torah.



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