Yeshiva Derech Hatorah of Chicago

Yeshiva Derech Hatorah of Chicago is a unique Yeshiva unlike any other in the world. We are currently in our 5th successful year. YDH caters to bright, lively, and energetic Mesivta Bochurim with tremendous capabilities who have a strong desire to taste the sweetness of Torah. We challenge our Bochurim to learn on a higher level than they have ever learned before. Once they taste that sweetness and experience the feeling of success, they are propelled to reach tremendous heights. The Yeshiva's method is to modify the schedule to include more manageable sedorim and to bring excitement to Yeshiva through a positive atmosphere with daily sports, weekly outings, as well as occasional trips. The goal in all this is to fulfill our motto of “Making Yeshiva Enjoyable for Every Bochur”. Once the Bochurim are happy to be in Yeshiva, they are in a better place to be able to attain the true contentment and happiness which can only come from Torah. The Bochurim of Derech Hatorah, who come from all over the US, are counting on you to help their Yeshiva so that it can continue to change their lives at this most critical juncture.
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