THE SHULAMITH SCHOOL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS is a warm, interactive learning environment that fosters confidence, curiosity, caring and commitment to our Mesorah. Shulamith is committed to teaching Torah values within a halachic framework and a commitment to the State of Israel.
Our families are dedicated to providing their daughters with a superior religious and secular education. In addition to stellar academic skills, a Shulamith student will be instilled with a refinement of character and the impeccable middot for which our girls stand out. A Shulamith student is taught to care about her family, friends, and greater community in addition to her own academic success. Our students are infused with a love of Torah, Klal Yisrael, and Medinat Yisrael. A Shulamith graduate possesses the self-confidence, Torah and secular knowledge, and skills to lead a fulfilling and successful life as a true Bat Yisrael.
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