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Wow! We can make a mortgage payment,


pay for Palti’s braces, pay for Lazer’s wedding, replace the 1992 station wagon, maybe that second floor extension Shevis always wanted or fix up the basement, maybe rent for Lazer’s new apartment, go away for Pesach, visit my parents in Florida, buy an esrog for Succos, upgrade our deck, buy new tools, a nice gift for Shevi, we could use new fans in the bedrooms, some new seforim, did I say a mortgage payment? Make another mortgage payment, a couple new toys for the baby, put some money in savings, camp for all the kids this summer, a couple of tuition payments, a new lawnmower,  cut down those trees in the front yard that make such a mess, repaint the house, plant a garden, repave the driveway,

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Our Goal: $200,000