Kollel Ahavas Tzion Zibenbergen

Bring the bracha of all the gedolei Yisroal, from the previous and todays generations, to your family.  The Tzaddikim said whoever will support Tzidkas Reb Meir Baal Hanes will be blessed with Bracha V’hatzlacha. In the zechus of the holy Tanya, Ren Meir Bal Haness, you can Bring boundless blessing in times of simcha and tzaros to Klal Yisorel Help marry off and bring simchas Yom Tov to thousands of nefashos all over Eretz Yisroal. Help support almanos and aniyim on a weekly basis. Help support the Kollel that produced major dayunim, and rabunim for the last two hundred years, and is still continuing to bring out many more! The kolel was established by the Mar Yechezkel (Daszer) and the Yismach Moshe, and after the war it was reestablished by the Satmer Rebbe ZT"L. The keren kayemes database, is checked on daily, all the yurtzeiten are kept faithfully, mishnayos is learned, a lecht is lit, and kaddish and yizkor are said for the neshumes.
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