Rabbinical College of Canada

This is OUR school. It's at the CENTER of our community. It is OUR children's HARBOR of Torah learning for over 80 years. Yeshivah Tomchei Temimim of Montreal was opened by the Friederker Rebbe after the war? It began in Parc Ave and in 1962, our current building opened it's doors. Year in, year out, for better or worse, our have boys marched through snow, sleet and rain, up those stairs to learn Torah. Educators, Shluchim worldwide, accomplished businessmen and real Mentchen, have graduated from OUR school. Our boys are making an impact! This school belongs to all of US. WE are the solution. WE affect change WE can step up, help out, make a difference through our THOUGHT: Think positive and it will be positive SPEECH: Speak positive and it will be positive & ACTION: Act positive and it will be positive SO Parents, Grandparents, Community at Large.... BECAUSE IT'S OURS: LET'S CHANGE THE CONVERSATION
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