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As our Philadelphia community continues to grow, the need for Hatzolah grows as well. We are excited to share our plans, and we need YOUR help! We are working on expanding and we have 10 new volunteers who have just finished a rigorous EMT training course.  We have 5 units that are waiting to to be set up in Wynwood alone.

Help us outfit our medics, help us purchase the equipment and supplies we need to save lives. It’s a great investment.  Help save a life and you have helped save an entire world! 

Hatzolah of Philadelphia is completely staffed by selfless volunteers and is 100% dependent on private donations from generous people like you. Community members who utilize the services provided by Hatzolah are never charged any fees for services provided. While we are supported and staffed by the Jewish community, Hatzolah prides itself on the fact that it provides care at no cost equally to all in need regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. Hatzolah is designed to take advantage of those few precious minutes during which immediate and proper care may mean the difference between a patient's successful outcome let alone their survival.

Our state certified volunteers are available around the clock on a 24/7 basis and are trained to initiate:

• Expedited lifesaving intervention

• Preventing additional injury and/or further deterioration of the patient's health and well being

• Stabilizing the patient

• Providing comfort to the patient

Upon arrival of the local EMS resources, Hatzolah members will:

• Transfer patient care

• Stand by ready to render any assistance that might be required

One unique aspect of the professionals that make up the Hatzolah team is that the vast majority is fluently multilingual:

• Hebrew

• Russian

• Yiddish

• Ukrainian

• English

This unusual linguistic advantage will be able to proactively break common language barriers for the North-East Philadelphia demographic and provide additional comfort and emotional support while lifesaving measures are being taken.

Although our local Fire-EMS departments provide top notch care, they may not be in a position to respond within those crucial first few minutes. Since our volunteers are local and spread throughout the communities that we serve, our Hatzolah volunteers will often be there within minutes of the call coming in via our dispatchers. Hatzalah on a national level has a consistent track record of response times far below the national average, usually within two to four minutes during daytime hours. Hatzolah of Philadelphia is a 100% volunteer organization that relies completely on the generous support 3 of the community in order to provide its services. One hundred percent of every donation goes to fund Hatzolah operations, which include:

• Equipment

• Training

• Maintenance

• Other logistical costs

Hatzolah does not receive any local, state, or federal funds and thus operates completely through donations. Hatzolah of Philadelphia in a process of receiving its status as a registered 501(c)(3) not-forprofit organization governed by a board of directors and operated by elected corporate officers.

Your donation will save lives.

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