Mizrahi Torah Academy

Our Environment Creates a Love of Torah & Enthusiasm for Learning

Mizrahi Torah Academy is a Yeshiva Day School designed to develop the next generation of Jewish leaders by molding students into moral, caring, thinking, educated, and contributing members of society. Our school environment creates a love of Torah and Yiddishkeit, an enthusiasm for academic learning, curiosity through experimentation and creative approaches to learning. Through a unique blend of quality academics with interactive chesed projects, we are creating the future leaders of the Jewish community. Here are some of our school highlights:

 + Individualized attention: Class sizes are usually set at 8 students per class, with a maximum of 10 students if a particular class’ dynamics allow for it. This smaller, warm classroom environment promotes independent problem solving and a passion for learning.

+ Mastering Middos: Our weekly focus on a practical Middah utilizing Torah, stories, and parables builds life-long character skills.

+ No Tests or Homework in Elementary School: Our policy reduces unnecessary academic pressure and provides time after school for individual interest development. Lack of letter-grading promotes enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. If a child needs extra support for a particular skill, teachers may work together with the parents in arranging supplemental learning or review at home. Middle school students receive occasional homework to help them prepare for the rigors of high school.

+ Teachable Moments: Our academic program promotes a “seize the teachable moment” philosophy of education which empowers the teachers to mold the classroom experience to meet the needs and interests of the students.

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