When we think about children, the images that come to mind are full of joyful laughter, exuberant play, exciting discoveries, and youthful innocence. There is nothing more heartbreaking and tragic than seeing a child confined to bed, weak, ill, eyes darkened with sadness and pain.

Misameach, Spreading Smiles is a non-profit, volunteer-oriented organization dedicated to lifting the spirits of those hospitalized, bedridden, or facing serious illness. Our crew of dedicated volunteers make it their mission to bring smiles back to the faces of these children, to allow sunshine to penetrate their darkened worlds, and to bring sounds of joy that burst through the echoing silence, loneliness and monotony of their hospitals and homes.

Through live entertainment, a vast multimedia library, a beautiful Family Center and special events and trips, we accomplish this goal time and time again.

We turn to you now, to help us in our important work. Your contribution will allow us to continue and expand our services, giving us the ability to reach thousands more ill and disabled children throughout multiple states.

Misameach’s innovative programs include:

  • Hospital and Home Entertainment
  • The Misameach Family Center
  • Woodworking and Arts & Crafts
  • Large-Scale Events
  • Family Events and Outings
  • Free Multi-Media Library
  • Dream-Come-True Program

 What is a smile on the face of an ill child worth?
At Misameach, we believe it is priceless.
Become a partner in the magic that brings joy and hope into the lives of our patients.

Misameach at a glance:
300+ volunteers
1050+ patients & families serviced yearly
85+ bedside visitations monthly
12,300+ gifts distributed annually
22+ hospitals visited regularly




Time Remaining

Our Goal: $25,000



Tax ID # 26-2356784 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

No goods or services were provided in consideration of this contribution.