Keren Zichron Tzipora

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Hundreds of Kollel Couples need your support! 

Support Kollel families who are struggling to make ends meet every day. Their cabinets are bare, tuition bills piling, and impending simchas bring worry, not joy, as they're uncertain how they'll cover the wedding expenses. These families devote their lives to Torah study, yet they struggle with the basics. Let's come together as a community and bring joy and happiness to their homes and hearts. By supporting these families, you'll also have a chance to win big! For every donation, you'll enter our 100k sweepstakes. Imagine what you could do with an extra $100,000 in your pocket. Take that dream vacation, upgrade your home, or join a Pesach Program. The real prize is knowing that you're making a difference in the lives of these Kollel families. Your donation will enable them to make Pesach with dignity, pay their tuition balance, walk their children down to the Chuppah debt free, and live a life of simplicity without worries. It will also help cover basic expenses such as rent, utilities, and medical bills. You'll be making a tangible impact on their lives and supporting the world in Torah. Don't miss your chance to support these Kollel families and win big! Enter our 100k sweepstakes today and make a real difference today.

Sponsor a family for Shabbos $150 Sponsor a family for upcoming Pesach $250.  Our budget is $500,000 a year! 

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