Kollel Toldos Yitzchok

Close to nine years ago, eight yungerleit moved out to Manalapan to establish the Kollel of Western Monmouth County. Baruch Hashem, with tremendous siyatta dishmaya, the Kollel was welcomed by the community and became an inseparable part of the kehilla. Much has changed in the several years since then, with the members of the Kehilla growing in Torah and its observance. Siyum Masechtos have become a regular occurrence, and the standard of yiddishkeit has risen many notches; from shemiras Shabbos and kashrus, to children attending Jewish schools and yeshivos.

One year ago, upon the guidance of the Roshei Yeshiva, the Kollel has relocated to Jackson. The Kollel is located in the Flair Shteeble and is learning Maseches Chullin and Hilchos Basar B'chalav. This is presently the only kollel in the area! Please come and visit to see for yourself the Kollel in its new location, with its resounding kol Torah and vibrancy.

Reflecting back, since the inception of the kollel the Kollel has had close to forty yungerleit,  learning and shteiging in a close-knit group. Having studied several difficult masechtos and their halachos, many have become impressive Talmidei Chachamim and have gone on to fill prominent roles of Torah leadership and kiruv rechokim. Yungeleit have testified that their development was strongly due to the foundation that they received from their experience learning in our small and intimate kollel. Please enable us to continue providing a place of growth for the yungeleit, and a source of Torah inspiration for the surrounding areas.

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