Kollel Toras Chaim Beitar

My name is Elisha Habinsky.

I was born in Moscow.

Via the tremendous generosity of Mr Sheldon Baeren z"l and massive cumulative effort of the Denver community, namely, Rabbi Mordecai Twerski shlita, and Mrs. Sherel Felderbergand z"l I was able to emmigrate to the United States and become introduced to Torah and Mitvos.

After teaching in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim for over 10 years I started a small chabura near my home in Beitar Illit where I live with my wife and 6 children leIlui Nishmas my chavrusa, Chaim Ben Reuven Sidelski z"l, brilliant physicist and entrepreneur who was nifter suddenly from COVID.

As it became illegal to go to shul to learn and daven, as the city of Beitar because dark with sadness and loneliness, the shul that Chaim and I had built ourselves, Beis HaMedrish Emek Tefila d'Hornesteipol was lit up with learning in his memory.

How quickly did this chabura of 8 younger lite become a kollel of 30 avreichim learning all day from the Gemora to Halocho with weekly shiurim, daily maarei mekomos, monthly tests, two roshei chabura, a meishiv, a mashgiach, and even a secretary.

Many Kollelim closed because of travel restrictions due to COVID and many more stopped accepting newcomers. From the very beginning and still today we have an average of ten avreichim coming to learn who have not been accepted in the Kollel.

Maybe our Kollel is easier or pays better, one might ask.

Getting up within an hour after sitting down constitutes an absence; more than two absences a month is not eligible for pay that month; tests are mandatory, challenging, and comprehensive; phones are deposited in a box and cannot be used until after seder, there is one phone to reach anyone in the kollel; the pay is $300 a month.

I have done what I can to pay on time including taking emergency bank loans on both my own and my wife's name.

I've put aside basic necessities like rent and utilities. I'm currently being forced to move because of my financial situation. My wife spends weeks at a time alone, several times a year.

I ask that I should be able to raise the pay and catch-up on payment to the avreichim (currently 2 months behind).

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