Mission Statement

To be an all-encompassing Torah center, catering for everyone from all walks of life, through the expansion and strengthening of Torah teachings.


About us

For almost five years we have operated our vibrant afternoon and evening kollelim – the biggest in Johannesburg, South Africa, benefitting hundreds of community members. A kollel is an institution for advanced study of the Torah/Talmud and Jewish law for a congregation of scholars (avreichim). We have been publicly endorsed by the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Rabbi Warren Goldstein, who has also donated to our kollelim.


The negative effects of Covid-19

The last few months have impacted on the success of the Kollel study venture, as Covid-19 circumstances have impinged negatively on the ability of some of our donors to assist. We are hoping to pay our scholars from the successful sale of raffle tickets, as our scholars and their families have consequently been adversely affected.


Shine a light

Instead of focusing on the difficulties that have arisen from these unprecedented events, let us view the world through an alternate lens. This global pandemic has forced us to re-examine our values and presented a unique opportunity to penetrate the darkness with new light. We have been granted the time to reconnect with our spiritual values and the principles of Torah – tenets that are perpetuated throughout the entire universe.


Partner with us and stand a chance to win big

Through the values of Tzedakah and giving unstintingly – thereby strengthening our community and ourselves; by studying and supporting Torah; and through our faith and trust, we will be granted divine merit in all areas of our lives.


Your support is crucial to our success and we will be extremely grateful for your help


About campaign

Time Remaining

Our Goal: £100,000