Homework Kollel

Our goal is simple, give boys in  grades 5-8 a taste of the sweetness of learning while they are still young. We have over 300 boys coming every night in seven different locations to do their gemara homework . The shift from tedious homework to vibrant Kol Torah in the bais medrash is hard to describe! There are refreshments served every Thursday night, and a weekly five dollar gift certificate for each boy for every week that he attends. 

 What keeps them coming,  though,  is the sense of achdus and companionship plus the sweet taste of success in their learning. The key to the success of the program is the avreichim who learn with the boys,  answer questions, and sometimes just give the boys a kind word. Our costs are the salaries for the avreichim, the gift certificates and the food. Baruch Hashem we are in our 8th year . We are running a $100,000 dollar raffle. The cost of 1 ticket is $100 it would be a tremendous Zechus for you and your family to have a part in this program. May Hashem shower you with brocha and success in all your endeavors.


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Our Goal: $50,000