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III. Kids Programs

It’s hard for stretched-thin parents to create the joyful and loving home atmosphere so vital for raising spiritually and emotionally healthy children.

GoIdud is here to be the support system that Anglos can fall back on when they can’t manage on their own. Our services range from free supper on a hard day, to a chance to spend alone-time as a couple, to subsidized essentials for Shabbos. We want everyone in the Anglo community to have access to support that can make their lives – dedicated to living in Eretz Yisrael – happier and healthier.


Challa & Cake Subsidies – Earn 532% on your Tzedaka investment!



§  Challa = 12 NIS per Challa in the Bakery

§  GoBidud buys Challa @ 4.5 NIS a unit

We donate 2 NIS per Challa & sell them for 2.5 NIS a unit

§  So a 2 NIS donation saves the poor 9.5 NIS each Challa!

§  12 NIS for 6 Challas saves families 57 NIS weekly!

§  Chocolate Yeast Cake = 24NIS in the Bakery

§  GoBidud buys cake @ 8.5 NIS a unit

§  We donate 2 NIS per cake & sell them for 6.5 NIS a unit

§  So a 2 NIS donation saves the poor 17.5 NIS each cake!

So for 14 NIS a Shabbos, you save families 74.5 NIS a week!!!

That’s 532% return on your investment!

$260 saves a family $1383 a year!!!

$360 saves the poor $1,915

$500 saves the poor $2,660

$1000 saves the poor $5,321

$1800 saves the poor $9,579

$2000 saves the poor $10,642!!!

$3000 saves the poor $15,963!!!

$5000 saves the poor $26,600!!!

"I feel the need to express my gratitude and thank you for assisting us in our Shabbos expenditures through your weekly discounted challa and cakes which are so tasty and priced in a way that greatly assists our large family.

But I have come to thank you particularly now and in a most exceptional way. Recently, you began providing products at phenomenally low prices. This has enabled us to bring home for Shabbos more challa and cake which has brought so much joy to the children and the entire family.

The children wait all Friday “when will dad come home already with the baked goods.” We sit around the table on Erev Shabbos joyously together fully appreciating a piece of cake.

Similarly, I must point out that my husband says that he feels intensely fulfilled to finally be able to bring home so much food for the family, especially on Friday.

May G-d give and bless you and the awesomely incredible GoBidud organization from His vault of Goodness and Joy amidst vivacious health and may you continue your mighty works which bring so much abundance of food and joy. Thank you Thank you!


In the name of the entire community which so much appreciates you

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