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When you wake up in the morning in the East Coast, CHAZAQ programs are running full force. When you go to sleep after a long day of work, CHAZAQ programs are just beginning in the Holy City of Jerusalem.


This is all part of CHAZAQ’s dream of inspiring and empowering Am Yisrael from A to Z, for 24 hours a day.




From the Shaping Lives Program that educates public school children throughout the New York area,



to the JWave Teens Division that keeps our youth off the streets and brings them to a safe and educational environment, 


to the PSTY (Public School to Yeshiva) Division where hundreds of families are guided to transferring their Children from Public school to Yeshiva,


to the Lev Ahron Food Pantry that feeds all those in need,


to the Community Wide Lectures inspiring hundreds of thousands annually,


to Kollel Zichron Moshe in New York molding the future leaders of the community,


to Kollel Ohr Aviel in Jerusalem where future Rabbinic Judges are being trained,



Chazaq truly does everything from A to Z.



That’s exactly what CHAZAQ has always done and be”h will continue to do.


Just check out some of CHAZAQ’s most recent accomplishments thanks to the support of people like you.

The above accomplishments are truly remarkable!

But we MUST NOT be Satisfied! We must do even MORE!


Thousands of more Public School students are seeking Chazaq’s services!


They need MORE After-School programs, MORE Inspiration, MORE of CHAZAQ in order to EMPOWER them to become Great!!!



As our two middle letters indicate, CHA-ZAQ does everything, A-Z, for you, your family, our people, our world!

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