Bais Yaakov of Scranton

The Bais Yaakov of Scranton is a private Jewish high school for girls located in the heart of Scranton’s historic hill section. Founded in 1968, the Bais Yaakov stresses academic excellence in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, with strong emphasis on character development, Chesed, and responsibility to the community. It prepares our students to excel in the finest institutions of higher learning both in the U.S. and Eretz Yisrael. 

Bais Yaakov of Scranton has shown what a difference an individual can make. The girls are a veritable whirlwind of goodhearted energy, offering smiles and comforting words. They visit, entertain, and assist at meal times in the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania, as well as visiting, and delivering challahs at other Senior residences. With challah and soup in hand, they brighten hospital stays. They run Shabbos youth groups and a homework help program, as well. 

Given its success in education, its warm, nurturing environment and its location in a small, wholesome community, the school has become a place for girls from out of town who have benefited from this environment.

How can one school accomplish so much? It's really miraculous!

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