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Visualize a classroom where every child is taught in the way she learns best, and learning is a pleasurable experience for all... Shirah Elementary uses center-based learning and a differentiated approach to help each student build her self-efficacy, so that she is confident in her ability to conquer any task given to her. Our rigorous curriculum ensures that every student meets or exceeds grade level standards. Capture the confidence of a child who is loved... A Shirah Elementary student is loved by her teachers and loved by her friends. Most important of all, she learns about Hashem’s unconditional and everlasting love for all His Jewish children. Our girls experience the joy of connecting with their Creator through tefilla and learning, encouraging them to develop their unique, personal connection to Hashem. Imagine a school where teachers are encouraged to develop and grow as professionals... Visit the teacher’s room at Shirah Elementary, and witness the impact of onsite teacher preparation. This unique time allows our teachers to create effective and differentiated lesson plans. The collaborative atmosphere allows our teachers to become a cohesive team, promoting an atmosphere of achdut throughout the school. The Shirah Elementary experience builds lifelong learners who develop a love and passion for learning built upon successful and stimulating educational experiences.  Our warm environment encourages each girl to reach her full potential and become a proud, happy, and confident bat yisrael To find out more Call Shirah Elementary today at 732-508-2700.
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