Bikur Cholim Guardians of the Sick

  Dear Friend;

Undoubtedly, this past year presented itself with a unique set of challenges. What began as a small outbreak in a far-flung province, COVID-19 soon mushroomed into a global pandemic. The shuttering of businesses, total lockdowns, and quarantines had a devastating impact on all. Unfortunately, the virus did not discriminate and the toll on our community was staggering.  

While many viewed these as obstacles, we here at Bikur Cholim Chesed viewed them as opportunities.  Opportunities  to do  more of what we have been doing for over sixty years - stand at the forefront of assisting our fellow brethren in their  times of need.

The heartache of those who are ill, the pain of the needy, and the agony of parents with children-at-risk is all too real.  Bikur Cholim Chesed Organization has been offering comfort and support. Elderly Holocaust survivors living in poverty and loneliness come to us for help.  Dysfunctional families with children suffering from neglect, are offered assistance. Required therapy treatments are funded by our organization. For those family members who spend hours and days at the bedside of their loved ones, our Hospitality Room is an oasis of tranquility and a haven of hospitality.

Because the need is greater than ever, we cannot possibly succeed in our herculean task without your help. The demand for our services has increased exponentially and the availability of our financial resources has decreased dramatically. Please open your hearts and give generously so that we can continue to offer much needed support to our brothers in their  time of need. Aside from your supporting such a worthy cause, for $100 you will be entered into a raffle with the grand prize of $100,000 plus 10 additional prizes.

            May you be blessed with good health, nachas, joyous occasions and the ability to always be in the position to help others.



Rabbi Avi Fishof


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