When we think of Tefillah, davening, the following questions can come up in one’s mind - Why should I daven? How can I connect with a G-d I can’t see? How do I know He’s there and really listening to me? 

If we have these questions as adults, our children must have the same questions. As parents and educators we ask Are our children disillusioned with Judiasm? Are we losing neshamot that need inspiration and connection? How can we give them a life dedicated to Torah and Mitzvot? 

Ani Tefillah IS our solution!

At Ani Tefillah we work with schools to provide tools to teach Tefillah as a way of life and not a subject. By developing mindfulness in Tefillah, children find personal relevance and a strong connection to G-d. Lessons are age-appropriate, fostering focusing skills, emotional awareness, and understanding of the Tefillot. 

Give the gift of Tefillah! Allowing students to connect and discover timeless Torah values, build a foundation of faith, connect with their Jewish identity, and gain perspective on life.

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