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Ahavas Chesed is there, day or night, to help when illness or an accident strikes. No one need ever be alone again. No one should ever be denied care and compassion. We have a 24-hour hotline to provide recommendations for medical specialists, free loans of medical equipment, transportation, help with blood transfusions, food and accommodations close to the hospital for the family who visits from out of town. Hospital visitation and many other free services to the patient and family are also available.

In addition to our Maot Chitin Project that provides help to many needy families for the holidays that demand extra financial support, Passover and High Holiday seasons.

Ahavas Chesed, "the organization with a heart" is a non-profit charitable organization providing the expertise and experience to help those in need. the financial support we receive from caring and concerned individuals such as yourself, makes our work continue.

Thanking You again for your most generous tax-deductible donation to Ahavas Chesed Inc. that helps us help others.

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